5 Summer Drapery Ideas To Keep Your Home Looking And Feeling Cool

Posted on: 3 June 2015

With summer starting, it is time to put away your winter draperies and try out some hot, new styles in your home. Changing your curtains during summer can make your home brighter, keep it cooler, or just give you a way to express yourself. If you need some inspiration to get started, consider one of these five ideas. 

Cafe Curtains 

Cafe curtains are a great option when you need a little bit of street-level privacy but still want to allow the summer sun into your home. They are ideal for rooms that do not get full sunlight, since they leave the upper quarter of your window exposed. If you have a window protected by a long overhang or shaded by trees, you should consider cafe curtains.

Traditionally, cafe curtains are used in smaller windows, especially those in kitchens and informal dining rooms. However, if you like the cafe curtain concept, you can be bold this summer and try three-quarter length curtains on the tall windows of your family room or informal living room.  

Single Panel Shades 

Single panel shades are made from a single piece of woven fabric that is pulled taut across the top of your window. They usually hit at the window sill and can be rolled up and tied at varying heights. These are ideal for summer because they give you a wide range of fabric to choose from. If you select dark, warm colors, like reds and orange, the sun can shine through them, almost like stained glass, creating a visually interesting pattern while blocking the heat from the sun. 

Colorful Sheer Layers 

Replacing all of your draperies can be an expensive undertaking. If you only have a little money to spare this summer, consider leaving up your formal outer draperies and investing in a colorful sheer drape behind it. The sheer draperies tend to be less expensive, and a yellow, green, or teal will bring the sensation of summer into your home while matching most neutral outer draperies. 

Full-length, Lined Draperies

In a more formal room, full-length, lined draperies can be an excellent source of insulation. Although most people are more concerned about the insulating properties of their draperies during the cold winter nights, they can also be effective at keeping the summer heat out if they are closed during the day. The downside of lined draperies is that they usually keep out the majority of light as well as heat, which can make for a dark home during the summer. However, this can be a benefit in rooms where you will be using your computer or watching television and want to avoid glare. 

If you are active about opening your draperies when you enter a room and closing them when you leave, you can get the insulating benefits while still enjoying a sunny home. 

Asymmetrical Hanging Points

Summer is a time to be fun and try bold design choices. You might want to try hanging your draperies from a single point, to one side of your windows. After attaching them at the highest point, you can put a hook at each top corner of your window to guide the fabric to cover your entire window. This look is not only fun, but it tends to draw your attention to the window and outside the home. It also works well with patterned fabric, allowing you many choices for expression. 

Summer is an ideal time to try out a funky new drapery style in your home. While you are making your selections, be certain to use proper window measurements, and consult a professional if you are unsure of how a fabric will gather or fall in your particular situation.