Creating A Family-Friendly Living Room For You And Your Children

Posted on: 26 November 2017

Your living room is where you and your children gather to spend time, watch movies, or play. Choosing the right furniture can help to make this room look beautiful, and it can also make your life a bit easier in some cases. Here are some items to consider if you are hoping to give your living room a new look while making it easier to care for in a house full of little ones.

Coffee Table Alternatives

Coffee tables create an anchor for your living room seating area, but glass tops and sharp corners can pose hazards for small children Instead, consider alternatives to a coffee table that still anchor the space while making your living room a bit safer for children. Ottomans with built-in storage areas, for example, offer added cushion to defend against bumps and bruises. The hidden storage provides room for your favorite board games, and the soft top doubles as a foot rest when you are all kicking back to watch a movie. You can also use an upholstered bench to create a stunning look in the room.

Cubby Storage System

If your children like to play with their toys in the living room, consider investing in a cubby system that can be used to store the toys away when they are not being used. Choose cloth bins in colors that match the room's decor, and place one inside of each cubby hole. This creates concealed storage for toys without taking away from the overall look of your room. The cubby system can be placed behind your couch in place of a console table, or it can be placed beneath your wall-mounted television set to create the look of an entertainment center.

Faux Leather Sofas

Instead of investing in sofas that might become stained or damaged due to frequent use, consider faux leather sofas instead. The faux leather can be wiped clean after juice box spills, and the durable upholstery can stand up to frequent use. Best of all, you get the look of real leather in your home while still having furnishings you're comfortable with letting your little ones play on. Consider adding a faux leather recliner or armchair set to complete your setup.

Visit your local furniture store for inspiration, and look for other items you can add to the living room as well. Stain-resistant area rugs, plush throw pillows, and cozy microfiber beanbag chairs all make for family-friendly finishing touches to your living room.