How To Seal Your House To Keep Mice Out

Posted on: 25 December 2018

Keeping mice out of your home is a top priority when it comes to rodent control. Spending time to seal your house is worth the effort and a better way to control mice than dealing with traps when you get an indoor infestation. Sealing your home requires using the right products so mice can't chew through them and patience so you don't miss any tiny holes. Here are some tips for sealing your home against mice.

Stuff Steel Wool Pads In Small Gaps

Cut up steel wool pads so they're bristly, and then force them into gaps you see around pipes exiting your home and other holes and cracks that mice can squeeze through. When mice try to chew the steel wool, they'll be poked with the stiff bristles and move on to another target. Use caulk to hold the steel wool in place so the mice can't pull the wool out and squeeze past.

Attach Screens To Pipe Openings

Pipes that vent to the outside should have screens over them to keep mice from crawling inside. Buy mesh small enough to keep mice out but that allows for proper air flow through the vent. You may need to put screens on your dryer vent and vents on the roof of your house. Be sure they are made of tough metal rather than flimsy window screen or the mice might chew through it.

Cover Big Holes With Metal Sheets

If you have a big hole such as one chewed by a rat, squirrel, or raccoon, cover it with a small metal sheet so mice won't be tempted to chew in the same place. A place that has had previous rodent activity will attract rodents in the future due to the scent left behind, so be sure to seal those areas well using materials the rodents have a hard time chewing through.

Use Cement Filler On Cracks In The Foundation

Tiny mice can get inside your house through cracks and holes in your foundation or stairs. These can be filled in with a sealant or crack filler that cures in place to keep rodents out. Examine your foundation for entry points, and don't forget to look under the last row of siding that rests near the foundation because mice might be able to squeeze under it and look for a way inside.

Use Mice Exclusion Products

You can buy products made to keep mice out of your house for special situations. You can buy a metal ridge guard to keep mice from getting through the roof area and products to block weep holes in brick while still allowing ventilation. Remember that mice can climb the side of your house easily or jump on the roof from trees. You should examine your entire home from the roof to the basement for places where a tiny mouse could squeeze through. Look for construction gaps such as places where siding joins and openings under doors. Fill the gaps with steel wool or attach metal sheets, screens, or guards so you can thwart mice from entering your home.

For more information on sealing your home to prevent mice from getting in, talk to a rodent control professional in your area.