The Art Of Purchasing An Air Conditioner For An Elderly Relative

Posted on: 7 May 2019

Caring for elderly relatives isn't easy when you don't live with them. Age creates some physical limitations. They often can't lift heavy objects or move around comfortably. Older people are also more susceptible to problems from the weather. Hot weather, in particular, can lead to adverse health problems. A good air conditioner can restore a home's interior temperature to more comfortable levels. Buying and installing an air conditioner in a window would be a nice gesture. Don't by "any old" air conditioner, though. Choose an appropriate model for an older adult's situation.

The Right Air Conditioner for an Older Person

You want the air conditioner to cool a room without causing any undue work for your relative. So, consider a few things before buying anything. Weight a few points before placing an order. Remember, his/her health may be at risk if the air conditioner isn't the right one.

Double-Check on the BTUs

BTU stands for British thermal units. It takes a 20 BTU to cool one square foot in a room. The more powerful an air conditioner is, the more BTUs it offers. A less powerful unit usually comes with a lesser price. Don't look only at the price when buying for an older person with special considerations. You want to be sure the air conditioner brings the temperature down to the necessary level for the area of the home the relative commonly occupies. And don't make any assumptions about what temperature to keep. Check with the elderly person's doctor to determine how many degrees is best for the room.

Choose Appropriate Room Placement

If placing the air conditioner inside a bedroom, will the cool air reach other areas in the home? Depending upon how much time the senior spends in the bedroom and the living room, choose the room wisely. Otherwise, the senior could find him/herself in less-than-desirable temperatures most of the day. And is the air conditioner strong enough to cool an adjoining room? If not, budget for purchasing more than one. Since the air conditioner is purchased for both safety and comfort, spending extra on more than one may be advisable.

Select One with a Secure Fit

Air conditioners placed in a window shouldn't be a security threat. If a burglar can remove the air conditioner easily, this would clearly not be a good thing. Make sure the air conditioner fits securely. Measure the size of the window before buying anything. Look at how the air conditioner fastens to the window. An air conditioner that relies on drilled screws won't be so easy to remove.

Yes, all this seems like a lot to consider when choosing an air conditioner. Since you want your relative to enjoy safety and comfort, the effort is worth it.