Did You Get A Late Start On Your Summer Landscaping?

Posted on: 26 June 2019

When many others were already out buying soil and plants for their home gardens, were you out of commission? Maybe you were on an extended trip, or maybe you were under the weather. Whatever the reason that you are just now attending to your summer landscaping, do you have a plan already? If not, from doing extensive weed spraying to making a detailed plan of what you want in this year's garden, here are some ideas that might help you.

Weed Spraying

First things first, right? Is your garden full of weeds that have to be removed? Maybe there are even unsightly weeds growing in between bricks or flagstone that is part of your existing landscape. And, it might be that, though your lawn looks green, upon close inspection, you notice that a lot of the green comes from weeds. Don't fret. Buy an over-the-counter spray that will eliminate all the weeds that seem to be taking over your yard.

Fortunately, weed spray isn't expensive. You can buy it right at your nursery or even in the gardening section of a discount store. Be sure to follow the directions on the container so that you'll get the best results. Some of the weeds will totally disappear, while others will have to be removed by hand. That won't be difficult, though, as you'll probably be able to easily lift them out of the places where they are growing. 

Make A Detailed Plan  

While the weed spray is doing its work, consider what you want to do with this summer's landscaping. For example, maybe this is the year that you'll add a rose garden. If that's the case, make a note of that. Do you want to include a vegetable garden as part of your landscaping? By doing so, you'll not only end up with some nutritious foods you can prepare, but you'll also add interest to your flower garden. Picture red leaf lettuce among succulents and other plants.

Do you already know what the focal points of your back yard and front yard will be? Maybe you would like to purchase a multi-tiered water fountain that would stand out in your front yard. Statuary in your back yard is another good idea. For example, a large statue of an angel that is surrounded by plants like caladiums, geraniums and bedding plants might add drama to your back yard landscaping. 

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