Ae You Decorating Your Family Room With A Texas Feeling?

Posted on: 6 August 2019

Have you ever traveled to Texas? If so, you probably fell in love with things like the bluebonnet flowers that you found in the hill country and the old ranch houses you saw along the way. Maybe you even live in the Lone Star State and you have always known that the time would come that you would decorate your house with a Texas feel.

Are you working on the plan for a Texas-style family room? If that's the case, from selecting the furniture to buying Texas artwork from a place like Texas State Capital Giftshop, here are some ideas that might help you to design a great room that your family and friends can enjoy for many years.

The Furniture - If you're starting the family room decoration from scratch, you might want to start with selecting the furniture. Think of choosing leather for your sofa and chairs. Another good choice would be denim. Both leather and denim wear well, and they'd certainly give your family room a Texas look. If you go with denim, think of choosing red or yellow denim to make it more unique. 

If you have space, besides the usual sofa and chairs, think of also buying Texas-style rocking chairs. Add a small wooden rocking chair and put a teddy bear wearing a cowboy hat in it. Don't you think that would add charm to the room? And, buy a floor to ceiling shelf that can hold your entertainment system and things like family pictures and decorative items. 

The Texas Artwork - Of course, your living room will probably be your main purchase. However, it's the extra Texas artwork that will personalize the room for you. Do you want something a bit whimsical? If so, choose paintings of animals that are framed in rustic wood. If you love those famous Texas wildflowers, frame photographs and paintings that depict things like bluebonnets, Native American blankets, and black-eyed susans. 

Choose Texas-themed sculptures, too. For example, a gorgeous depiction in bronze of a stagecoach or of cowboys on horseback would be very suitable for your Texas family room. A focal point, perhaps on your fireplace mantel, might be a sculpture of a railroad train. Put Texas stars in strategic places on the wall behind the railroad train to add to the Texas feel.

Stencils on the walls would be nice, too. For example, words like howdy, partner, or set a spell are all good ideas for stencils on your Texas wall.  Stenciled Texas stars around upper walls of the entire room would also be perfect.