Want A Pool But Live On A Hill Or Mountain? What To Know To Swim On A Slope

Posted on: 30 September 2019

Having a beautiful ravine lot or a house that is built into a sloping hill can give you great views, but it can also cause some landscaping dilemmas. If you want to have an inground pool put in your yard but you worry about the slope of the yard and whether the pool would stay put, there are some things you want to talk with the pool contractors about. Not all pool contractors may want to take on the task, and you will probably need the help of other experts as well. Contact these different professionals.

Land Survey Engineer

The land survey engineer is going to look at the layout of the property, where the house is located, and the soil around the property to determine if the installation of a pool is possible and to determine where the best location could be for the pool. If the survey professional thinks the pool needs to go into an area of the yard where it may not be within city restrictions, you will have to file for a special permit or get special permission to put the pool in that location .

Experienced Pool Company

Find an experienced pool company that has done similar pool projects in the past. Not only will they be able to suggest the best types of pools and layouts for the situation, but they also have the expertise to make sure that the pool is done right. Ask to see pictures of past projects, and even ask if you can visit some of the pools in person.

Construction Contractor for Retaining Walls

You will want to use the dirt that you dig for the pool to create a retaining wall, and your contractors may have to bring in even more soil than that. They will decide what type of wall will be best, what materials they want to use, and how to support the pool. They will have to talk with the pool contractor about the type of pool you want and go from there with designing the best retaining wall to put around it. Slope stabilization is one of the most important things for the project.

If you are ready to invest the money in having a pool, you want to make sure that you have it done right and that the geography of your lot isn't going to cause a problem. Have all three of these professionals and companies work together to design the best pool and to make sure it's supported properly.