Are You Setting Up A Bed And Breakfast? 3 Tips For Choosing Custom Faux Floral Arrangements To Enhance The Decor

Posted on: 5 November 2019

Few things can turn a bed and breakfast into a romantic getaway like being able to enjoy the beauty of flowers. While fresh flowers are always lovely, the truth is that reducing expenses is an important part of running any business. Custom faux floral arrangements can last for many years with proper care, and a well-made bouquet can look almost as real as anything that is freshly picked. A faux arrangement also helps you to maintain continuity throughout your decor since you never have to worry about them wilting without warning. Now that you've started your decorating plans, you can use these tips to pick out an arrangement that complements your bed and breakfast's rooms and common areas.

Discuss Where the Arrangements Will Go

One of the best things about a custom arrangement is that you can go as big as you want, or you can choose a simple and delicate bouquet. When you visit the custom faux floral arrangements store, it helps to have some information handy. For instance, you may want to bring the dimensions of a table that you plan to decorate with an eye-catching display of flowers. Alternatively, you may want to describe an outdoor garden area where you want multiple arrangements to be set up under a covered patio to create a sense of tranquility. 

Share Information About the Color Scheme

Depending upon your bed and breakfast set up, you may keep the general colors and themes consistent throughout the entire home. Alternatively, you might choose to make each room different so that your guests have more options. Either way, you want to let the floral expert know the general color scheme for the areas that you want to decorate. If you'd like, you can even bring in fabric swatches or pictures of items such as the duvet covers and window curtains to help make sure that the bouquet matches the rest of the decor.

Consider Changing Arrangements With the Seasons

Decorating for the holidays is simple when you have several types of floral arrangements to swap out every couple of months. Changing out a summer bouquet to one with fall blooms adds an updated sense of style that your guests will appreciate. Since many of your guests may choose to travel to celebrate special holidays throughout the year, discovering a lovely arrangement of seasonal blooms helps get them in the right spirit for a wonderful vacation.

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