Upgrading Your Home's Countertops

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Your kitchen countertops can be among the most important surfaces in the home. Not surprisingly, homeowners will find that they need to eventually replace this part of the home. While this is a large undertaking, it is possible for even new homeowners to successfully complete this upgrade.

Know When It Is Time To Replace The Countertops

Homeowners will often be under the mistaken assumption that they only need to replace their countertops if they have suffered extensive damage. If this type of damage has occurred, you should act quickly to replace the countertop to reduce the risk of secondary damages occurring, such as moisture damage occurring to the wooden supports under the countertop. There can also be many other reasons why you may need to upgrade the countertops. For example, you may need to change the countertops to complement other changes that you make to the kitchen's aesthetics or design. However, it is also possible for the countertops to simply suffer enough wear that their appearance and functionality may be compromised.

Choose Neutral Colors

If you are replacing your countertops, the color will be an important factor. In addition to the aesthetics, some colors of countertops will make dirt and dust more visible, which can make them harder to keep clean. Choosing a countertop that is neutral in color can be both easy to keep clean as well as complimenting a range of color schemes. These colors will also be less prone to fading, which can be a serious problem for countertops that will receive direct sunlight. The ultraviolet light in the sunlight can actually breakdown the pigments in many of the material used for countertops.

Consider The Weight Of The Countertops

Replacing the countertops can be a relatively quick and easy upgrade if you can avoid the need to replace the counters as well. To avoid this need, you will need to choose a countertop that will be within the weight limit of your current counters. If you are unsure as to this limit for your counters, you may want to have a countertop contractor inspect them as they will be able to provide a reasonable estimate for the maximum weight that they will be able to support before damage can occur. Once you know this information, you will be able to more efficient when you are searching for a material to use for your countertops as there can be considerable weight differences between the more popular and common options. For more information, contact a countertop provider, such as Old World Stone.