4 Custom Treatments That Will Transform Your Windows

Posted on: 11 October 2021

Window treatments should serve two functions; regulating the amount of light coming into the house and adding aesthetic beauty. The market has countless options for treatments, and you might be feeling confused about the best option. You can take time and compare the benefits of each alternative before choosing one. Here are some options for you to consider. 


Drapes have become very trendy in the past few years. Their popularity comes from giving you the beauty of curtains and also blocking out all sunlight. Drapes are made with heavy fabric material and sold in pairs. The good thing is that you'll find them in a wide variety of colors, and they are great for your bedroom. Some drapes are a solid color to easily match your decor, where others have intricate patterns to express your personality more fully. You can hang your drapes on a rod with rings, much like the curtains. They are an excellent choice if your work involves working the night shift and sleeping during the day. 

Sheer Shades

Regular shades are supposed to block out a percentage of the sunlight and give you privacy inside the home. However, sheer shades are different. The designers make them from a lighter material. The design contains two facings made of soft fabric and installed on fabric vanes. When you open the vanes, you allow light into the room. On the other hand, when you close the vanes, you block out all light. They can switch from a well-lit and darkened room by the pull of a chord. 

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Blinds are still a popular window treatment in contemporary and modern architecture. Wood blinds are a classic option for all home interior décor options. Faux wood blinds mimic wood, but the manufacturers make them from materials like vinyl. Faux wood is a little easier to maintain than natural wood because of moisture resistance. You can use wood blinds for the living room and bedroom and faux wood for moist parts of the home like the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Roman Shades

These shades are a continuous piece of fabric that contains several folds along their length. The folds lie flat against the window when open and fold up neatly when opened. They combine the softness of curtains with the efficiency of shades. 

The window treatment contractor or interior designer will help you pick the perfect custom window treatments for your home. With the ideal treatment, you control the sun's glare and heat that gets inside the house.