Fire Extinguisher Usage Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 29 November 2022

Valuing the importance of effective fire prevention and safety measures can be essential for allowing a homeowner to protect their property and their loved ones. To this end, fire extinguishers can play an instrumental role. 

Fire Extinguishers Come In Different Types

Homeowners may not be aware of the fact that there are different types of fire extinguishers, and it is important to choose an appropriate option for the types of flames that you may expect to encounter. Unfortunately, a homeowner may not be aware of this, which could lead to them failing to have a fire extinguisher that is designed for electrical fires near the breaker box or a fire extinguisher for grease fires in the kitchen. In these situations, the fire extinguishers may be far less effective at putting out the flames.

A Fire Extinguisher Will Need Regular Maintenance Work

It is likely that you will go years without needing to use the fire extinguisher. However, it will be imperative for it to be able to function correctly when the need arises. Sadly, it is a common mistake for individuals to fail to properly maintain their fire extinguishers, and this can lead to performance problems when they need to use them. If you are to protect yourself from this outcome, the fire extinguishers should be regularly evaluated and serviced. These steps can address the types of wear and other issues that may arise. One example of this could be the need to have the fire extinguisher pressurized at regular intervals. Otherwise, the pressure could drop low enough to prevent it from working. Luckily, fire extinguisher maintenance and assessments may only be needed every year or two, and this is a type of maintenance that many fire departments may provide to their local communities.

You Should Have Your Family Members Practice Using The Fire Extinguishers

When a fire starts, it is important for your family members to know how they should respond to the situation. When the fire is small enough to be extinguished, they will have to know where the closest fire extinguisher is located. Also, it can be useful to allow your family members to practice using the fire extinguisher. This can make them more effective when they are tasked with using the fire extinguisher. Setting a contained fire can provide this opportunity, but it may involve substantial cleanup. Many local schools and fire departments will have fire safety courses that can allow students to use these devices in a controlled setting.

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