3 Serious Signs That Mice Extermination Services Cannot Wait

Posted on: 2 May 2023

Mice can wreak havoc in a home. They carry diseases and can reproduce rapidly. This is why it is imperative for homeowners who suspect they have a mouse issue to immediately seek mice extermination services. Mice leave telltale signs of their presence in a home.

A homeowner may think that they have only one mouse and discover later that there are more. Mice can dwell in rural and urban areas. Routine mice pest control services are ideal for individuals who live in areas where mice are known to be prevalent. The following points highlight a few things homeowners might notice if mice are present in their homes.


Sometimes homeowners discover mouse droppings even if they have not seen a mouse. These droppings may be on floors, in attics, basements, or cupboards. If there is a hole in a wall, it might be an access point, and there are likely to be droppings near it. The droppings are usually shaped like rice or pellets and can be dark or pale colored.

Offensive Odors

Mice droppings and their urine can cause a home to have an odor that is a mixture of musty and rotting organic waste smells. Homeowners may be unable to get rid of the smell because the mice are still actively relieving themselves. The best approach is to get mice extermination services and then deep clean the home.

Weird Noises Behind Walls

Mice have tiny sharp claws. Homeowners may hear them scratching behind walls. The tips of the claws can also be heard when mice run around within the walls. Sometimes mice make squeaking noises. This is their way of communicating with each other. These odd noises are likely to be most evident at nighttime because mice are nocturnal. This is why some homeowners awake to find signs of rodent activity on their countertops.

The presence of mice behind walls should always be handled by mice control services. Homeowners may be able to get rid of a small population of mice, but they will encounter another issue. The dead mice will decompose and likely make the home smell like a dead animal.

A pest extermination company is a good resource to use for mice control. Homeowners who delay treatment when they identify signs that mice are present run the risk of having mice infestations. The longer the issue is delayed, the more complex the extermination process will be. Individuals should not attempt to combat a mouse issue on their own using poison and traps. Chances are that if a homeowner sees one mouse there are others in the home or nearby.