• No Cactus Necessary: Cottage Garden Appeal With Xeriscape Techniques

    If the vision for your new home's landscaping involves lush flower beds and cottage garden style pizzazz, you might be surprised to hear your landscaping specialist suggest xeriscaping. Don't worry, your initial reaction will likely be familiar to the landscaper. After all, when the term xeriscaping started gaining public recognition it was often accompanied by pictures of rock gardens, cactus plants and gray-green shrubs in beds covered with crushed stone mulch.
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  • 5 Tips for Window Treatments in a Humid Room

    Whether you are decorating a conservatory that needs window covers to help keep warmth inside during the winter or a bathroom that needs privacy curtains, you may be wondering what concerns you should have when choosing window treatments for a humid area of your house. Below are five tips for picking stylish window treatments that will stand up to a humid environment.  1. Be Aware of Condensation  Condensation forms on the inside of windows when the internal temperature of your house is higher than the exterior temperature.
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